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A plush padded mattress will offer a more cushioned feel than a regular firm padded mattress, but not as cushioned as a pillow top mattress. Many people refer to this type of feel as "medium" and find that the extra pressure point relief can give them a better nights rest. This type of product works well for most people and can be a good compromise item for couples. These plush padded mattresses are available in all three quality levels: standard, premium, and luxury.

The difference in the product levels is the amount of support that is provided and the type of padding on the mattress. As the quality level goes up, the long term support for the back increases. This accomplished by using firmer and stronger coil units. The amount and type of padding will determine the overall surface feel. The premium and luxury level products will tend to have more padding and will be using higher grade materials and specialty foams. These more premium materials will add additional comfort and resiliency to the top of the mattress.

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