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Soothing comfort, unrivaled support .
A masterful combination of comfort and technology, The RhapsodyBed by Tempur-Pedic™ features the new TEMPUR-HD™ Comfort Layer. The new, higher density version of the proprietary TEMPUR® material provides unmatched pressure-relieving comfort and body-conforming support. The removable, washable cover features micro-fiber suede sides and a stretchable TEMPUR-Tex™ top - a three layer textile woven from fine polyester filaments to keep the sleeper cool, dry and comfortable. Designed to work perfectly with the either profile matching foundation or an adjustable bed base.

Patented, one-sided design
  • No flipping, rotating or turning
    Removable, washable cover
  • Stretchable, TEMPUR-Tex™ top: 100% polyester
  • , 3-layer weave
  • Breathable micro-fiber suede sides: 100% polyester

  • Concealed cross-braced handles (designed for mattress positioning)
  • Non-skid bottom

  • Allergen resistant

  • Luxurious look and feel

  • TEMPUR® pressure-relieving material

  • (A) one Approx. 1.2" TEMPUR-HD™ material Comfort Layer (7.0 lb/ft3 density) - TEMPUR-HD™ provides even more support, more pressure relief and greater durablity
  • (B) One Approx. 2.8" TEMPUR® material Support Layer (5.3 lb/ft3 density)

  • Edge to edge, pressure-relieving comfort and therapeutic support for deep rejuvenating sleep

  • Base layers

  • (C) Two Approx. 4" Convoluted HR, AirFlow System™ Base Layer
  • s
  • Provides support to TEMPUR® layers and increases air circulation

    Platform foundation
  • High - 9.25" profile or Low - 5.25" profile
  • Durable, solid wood frame
  • Matching micro-fiber suede trim coordinates with mattress fabric
  • Reinforced center support
  • Non-skid top reduces mattress shifting
  • Specially designed for The RhapsodyBed by Tempur-Pedic™
  • 25-year limited warranty






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